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The G3 Series Robotic Dispenser is a high accuracy automatic dispensing system. Designed to suit a wide range of applications and production volumes, it employs easy to use, operator friendly, Windows™ based software. The G3 Dispenser can be programmed to handle a large number of different assemblies with differing dispensing requirements within the same work-table.

Using new CCD "Sphere scene image position compensation technology", the systems can recognise the basic position of work pieces and distinguish where datum points (fiducials) are located.

This function can also recognise any skew in the work piece and, from the high-speed image, is able to make the necessary deflections to ensure correct location dispensing.

System programming can also be done using a joystick control. In addition, dispensing misalignment occurring during a production run, due by vibration etc., increases exponentially. The G3 software can reset the machine at anytime back to the original settings.

The systems also feature programmable dispensing parameters thereby offering reliable liquid/semi-liquid control. They can be used with any liquid, paste or gel material including adhesives, solder pastes, gasketing compounds, coatings including conformal coatings, UV curables, epoxies, silicones, etc...

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