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Prosthetic & Orthotic

As a support to the social venture of the Group named Endolite India Ltd., a manufacturing division has been set up under PCls' Engineering Division with automatic machines imported from UK; Italy, with the sole aim of making superior quality hi-tech prosthetic & orthotic products available locally as an indigenous product at affordable costs.

To meet the social aims and objectives of the group, this Prosthetic and Orthotic Division is now actively engaged in manufacturing of low cost hi-tech products for local distribution through NGOs' as well as for exports. Main products of this division at present are Ranger Foot, Aqualimb, Safety Knee Joint and Caliper Type Knee Joint. Several new products based on advanced techniques and superior quality materials are in the planning together with our foreign associates


We have combined the known benefits of a cushioned heel design with new materials and moulding techniques. This foot consists of an injection moulded inner keel, toe break and polyurethane flexible foam outer body. The resulting Ranger Foot is comfortable, light weight, durable and simple to use.

Special Feature:
— SACH foot with separate great toe.
— Injection moulded, strong keel.
— Effective cushioning at heel.
— High durability under all conditions.
— Available in size range from 23 cm to 27 cm (Left & Right).
— Can be used for body weight upto 100 kgs

Can be Prescribed with:
— Conventional laminated socket.
— Pyramid base.
— SACH Base.
— Multi-Flex Ankle.

Aqualimb is a unique shower limb for trans-tibial amputees. It is realistically shaped from light weight foam and has a continuous water resistant surface. The foot, with anti-slip tread pattern is designed for barefoot use on wet surfaces. It is inserted with specially designed injection moulded components of high strength materials.

SAFETY KNEE JOINT: This Knee joint is recommended for patients requiring a high degree of stability. It provides a high stance phase stability as well as a medium swing phase control. This is made of high strength stainless steel material and is very light in weight.

This joint is made of alloy steel which has high strength combined with lightness in weight. ....

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