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Aerospace Division

Aerospace Division

“Aerospace will have a significant role in the building and rapid acceleration of the economy of the nation and the region’’– acted as the foundation stone for PCI. The company, who has served the nation for more than two decades, set up its Aerospace Division with a clear mission to address this trend.

PCI has tied up with Diamond Aircraft Industries of Austria to offer a complete range of high-technology single engine, twin engine & Jet aircraft and advanced aerial surveillance and flight simulator solutions. Through its range of the sleek twin engine, Jet & single engine aircraft, the Aerospace Division address the needs of corporate houses, flying schools, hobby & adventure flying needs. As a provider of a highly fuel-efficient aircraft as well as state of the art flight simulator solutions, the company also proves to be an ideal resource for aviation training schools and point to point taxi/ charter services.

Standing included in the Diamond Aircraft range are the world's first & only piston aircraft with advanced airframe such as fully composite construction, high-end avionics & engines with unique options. Among the many unique advantages that these aircraft are known to deliver are their ability to allow for the luxury of comfortable travel - both in terms of seating & baggage; state of the art engineering complete with dual power levers of seating & baggage; state of the art engineering complete with dual power levers of offer jet-like thrust control & provide for simple operation to reduce pilot fatigue as well as fully IFR equipped with Gamin G1000 and known ice protection.

The Aerospace Division has also collaborated with Diamond Airborne Sensing to offer a complete range of piloted or unmanned flying solutions to address various surveillance & mapping needs through the Multi Purpose Platform specially designed to carry multifunctional aerial sensor equipment. Capable of operating in all weather conditions & a wide range of speeds the aircraft can fly for up to 12.5 hours in the monitoring mode- without refueling. It has the unique capability to fly on Jet A1 fuel. Coming in addition to an astonishingly low fuel consumption, the MPP can cut the surveillance costs by nearly half making it ideally suited for aerial surveillance using cameras & infrared technologies, the multi-feature MPP can also be used for 3D city mapping by simply flying over the zone. This range of the Aerospace Divisions offering finds itself ideally suited to needs as diverse as Intelligence gathering, Reconnaissance, Border management, Law enforcement, Geocentric Data Acquisition, Infrastructure monitoring, Environmental surveillance, Security management etc.

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Aviation Division  (GROUND SUPPORT SYSTEM)

The Aviation has been a long-standing player on the Indian aviation scene. In keeping with the corporate philosophy of offering the very front-end technologies after selecting the same from across the globe, the Aviation Division has tied-up with leaders in their respective fields in this sector. Through its team of well-motivated professionals, PCI continues to offer a vast range of ground-support equipment that complies with not just the latest marketing specifications but also the technical parameters and performance, sound-proofing, safety support quality etc.

The aviation Division takes pride in tie-ups with technology majors such as:

1. Piller Power Sysetem GmbH | Germany
Electric based Frequency Converter (FC), Electric based Ground Power Unit (GPU), Step-down Transformer, APOJETT, 400 Hz cables, Aircraft Receptacles

2. Schopf maschinenbau GmbH | Germany
Conventional Aircraft Push-back and Towing Tractors, Push-back without Tow Bar, Tow bars, Loader for containers and pallets, Lifting Transporters, Passenger Stairs

3. GuinaultSA | France
Ground power Unit (GPU), Frequency Converter (FC), Air Starter Unit (ASU), Air Cabin Heater, Electrical supply.

4. Taiwan Fylin Industrial Co. Ltd. | Taiwan
ULDs: Container, Pallets, Net and Tie-down Straps

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