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The Aviation has been a long-standing player on the Indian aviation scene. In keeping with the corporate philosophy of offering the very front-end technologies after selecting the same from across the globe, the Aviation Division has tied-up with leaders in their respective fields in this sector. Through its team of well-motivated professionals, PCI continues to offer a vast range of ground-support equipment that complies with not just the latest marketing specifications but also the technical parameters and performance, sound-proofing, safety support quality etc.

The aviation Division takes pride in tie-ups with technology majors such as:

1. Piller Power Sysetem GmbH | Germany
Electric based Frequency Converter (FC), Electric based Ground Power Unit (GPU), Step-down Transformer, APOJETT, 400 Hz cables, Aircraft Receptacles

2. Schopf maschinenbau GmbH | Germany
Conventional Aircraft Push-back and Towing Tractors, Push-back without Tow Bar, Tow bars, Loader for containers and pallets, Lifting Transporters, Passenger Stairs

3. GuinaultSA | France
Ground power Unit (GPU), Frequency Converter (FC), Air Starter Unit (ASU), Air Cabin Heater, Electrical supply.

4. Taiwan Fylin Industrial Co. Ltd. | Taiwan
ULDs: Container, Pallets, Net and Tie-down Straps

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Aerospace Division




From beginners to professional, the DA20 will quickly win over your heart and sensibilities. From the fighter-like canopy, two bucket seats, from the center-stick and engine controls providing unparalleled handling, the DA20 lifts up your spirits every time you take to air.


Whether you are new to aviation or an experienced pilot, the DA40 is the pilot’s sophisticated first choice. The DA40 is designed and developed by pilots passionate about flying. Its quick take off into the air, the good response of the push-pull rod-activated controls, the panoramic visibility out of the large canopy. The powerful Garmin G1000 cockpit provides the pilot with a variety of helpful information just right at your fingertips. DA40 has the lowest operating cost and lower fuel consumption in its class of aircraft.




DA42 is the most technologically advanced twin engine aircraft today. Representing the latest in airframe design, avionics capability and new engine technology, the DA42 is designed for pilots who truly want to go places - safely and in style. With the DA42 you will enjoy lower operating costs, lower fuel consumption with an increase of comfort, power and performance.




The D-Jet is built with the vision of the ultimate private aircraft. The D-Jet has simplicity of operation, with safety and affordability being the main objectives. Imagine starting the turbine with the simple push of a button, pushing the single lever throttle forward, monitoring your flight on the cutting edge G1000 with integrated autopilot, while enjoying the reliability, performance, smoothness and quietness of turbine power. With the roomiest cabin in class and at low acquisition and operating costs, it truly doesn't get any better.

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