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 Air Force Day (8 October, 2010)          

Prime Group: Energizing Indian aerospace with the
World’s most efficient single, jet & twin engine aircraft

Group's flagship company PCI Ltd, helps give impetus to India's pilot training needs, in addition to augmenting corporate travel and aerial mapping & surveillance capability


With Prime Group, one thing can be said very distinctly: They constantly address the issue of identifying & bringing into India some of the most meticulously identified and the best among globally available technologies that can help accelerate the overall growth of the nation. Realizing that aerospace could assist in the country's rapid economic acceleration, they went ahead and set up their Aerospace Division under the flagship company of the Group - PCI Limited, with a clear mission to address this trend.

In collaboration with Diamond Aircraft Industries of Austria , PCI brings into India the complete range of high-technology single engine, twin engine & Jet aircraft and advanced aerial surveillance and flight simulator solutions. Through this vast range the Aerospace Division addresses the needs of Corporate houses, Training schools, Point-to-point Air operators, Hobbyist & Adventure seekers in addition to piloted or unmanned flying solutions to address various surveillance & mapping needs. Due to their high fuel efficiency, fully composite construction, high-end avionics , engines with unique options , user-friendliness and sleek looks, Diamond Aircraft have been tremendously well-accepted in the Indian market with two of India's premier training schools having contracted for these aircraft: Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), for 14 aircraft & 2 simulator solutions; and the Gondia -based National Flying

Padma Shri
Shri Surinder Mehta
Founder Chairman and Managing Director of
Prime Group of Companies



Training Institute (NFTI) for 22 Diamond aircraft and a simulator solution.

It was only recently that Diamond Aircraft together with PCI, launched in India, the new and highly advanced DA42NG - which is the world's most technologically advanced twin.

Through another group company, Skymaster Aviation Adventures Pvt. Ltd., Prime Group is operating the Rewa Airport In Madhya Pradesh. The airfield is currently being developed as an Aerospace Center for MRO operations for the Diamond aircraft operating in India and the facility shall be expanded later to include MRO services for various private jet aircraft. The advanced facility shall also have the capability to deliver critical aircraft parts. The Group, through its Skymaster Aviation Adventures, shall also impart state-of-the-art flight training for pilots - in addition to an Aero Sports cum Flying Club.

PCI has also collaborated with Evektor of Czech Republic, to bring to the country, a great range of microlite aircraft that offer tremendous advantages in aerosports and hobby flying in addition to providing excellent initial air experience and training and for flight safety applications.







... And Group's software company develops advanced
solutions to boost India's air defence &space capability


Over the years, Planet PCI Infotech Ltd has earned the reputation for bringing state-of-the-art software solutions for augmenting the nation's might in military and space.



Group company Planet PCl lnfotech Ltd. (PPIL), remains as steadfast in its mission and actions. Committed to the corporate philosophy of Looking Beyond Tomorrow , PPIL has since long been associated with the effort to develop cutting edge software solutions that can boost the country's defence capability, in addition to developing advanced software for enhancing the operational and financial efficiencies of players in various core sectors of the national economy. PPIL, in technical collaboration with IDS of Italy, is contributing to the development of national priority projects which shall vastly enhance the effectiveness of the Air Force. The company has provided simulation tools to enable CABS to simulate the position of antennas on the aircraft for optimum locations and best performance allowing for huge savings in time and costs.

Further, the IDS simulation software for Antenna & Array Design being offered by PPIL, provides all functions required to model antennas in free-space or when mounted on the spacecraft. This includes advanced capabilities to design antennas and evaluate the interactions of their EM fields with the spacecraft. ISRO has already found this software offering as being of immense value to their projects, enabling them to model large to very large array designs.

After the successful execution of the aero navigation project for automation of the Aeronautical Information System for civilian airspace, PPIL and IDS are set to replicate the same for the military airspace. The system involves integration of flight procedure design, obstacle management, management of Nav-Aids and the automation of aeronautical publications.


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