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Right since its inception, Prime Group and PCI Limited have been committed to working towards the enhancement of efficiency in India’s core sectors, and it is in continuation of this ethos that the company set up the Drill Bits Division to enter the area of high-quality drilling tools to cost-effectively meet the drilling objectives of the oil, gas & mining industries. The technical collaboration with Volgaburmash of Russia – Industry leader with over 50 years in addressing the needs of drill bit users is a step further in that direction.

Through this collaboration, PCI intends to provide Indian and regional users, the full range of drill bits products through a complete host of pre-sales and post-sales services through the vast national network of services centers of the company.

PCI with a special focus on mining requirements in India, is equipped to develop a customized requirement-based solution in vertical, directional, horizontal wheels either rotatory or with motors, RSS and turbine applications. Moreover, through a state-of-the-art production and quality control regime to meet the challenges and demands of though geological and drilling environments that enhance ROP and bit life, the company offers drill bits that are highly resistant to abrasion and erosion with an ability to withstand high compressive loads; Spiral blades to optimize dynamics control and cutting transport across the bit improving cleaning and load on cutters; Proprietary nanotechnology to alleviate bit balling by special anti-balling coasting; Enhance gauge potation with TSP, impregnated Diamond and purpose PDC cutter design; and Improved Hydraulics by optimized bit profile and nozzles layout.

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