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  Show Daily, Official Media of India Aviation 2010

At Prime Group, we have always strived to address the issue of identifying & bringing into the country the best among globally available technologies that can help accelerate the overall economic growth of the nation, says Padmashri Surinder Mehta Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Prime Group of Companies.

Years back, having concluded that aerospace would play a vital role in the rapid economic acceleration, we set up the Aerospace Division under the flagship company of the Group – PCI Limited, with a clear mission to address this trend. In collaboration with Diamond Aircraft Industries of Austria PCI brings into India the complete range of high-technology single engine, twin engine & Jet aircraft and advanced aerial surveillance and flight simulator solutions.

Through this vast range the Aerospace Division addresses the needs of corporate houses, Training schools, Point-to-point Air operators, Hobbyist & Adventure seekers in addition to piloted or unmanned flying solutions to address various surveillance & mapping needs. Due to their high fuel-efficiency, fully composite construction, high-end avionics, engines with unique options, user-friendliness and sleek looks. Diamond Aircraft have been tremendously well-accepted in the Indian market with two of India's premier training schools having contracted for these aircraft: The national premier flying school in India providing CPL with multi engine endorsement. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) of the Government of India, contracted for 14 aircraft and two simulator solutions to improve the flying training standards. The National Flying Training Institute (NFTI) at Gondia has already contracted for 22 Diamond aircraft and a simulator solution.

After this notable success, Diamond Aircraft together with PCI is now launching in India (at India Aviation 2010 at Hyderabad) its new and highly advanced DA42NG – which is the world’s most technologically advanced twin. Equipped with two 170 hp next generation turbo-diesel Austro Engines these aircraft have 26% more engine power with superior take-off performance, climb performance, better high-altitude engine performance and even better speed than before.It also offers up to 15% better specific fuel consumption at economy power setting than the legendary performance that DA 42 has come to be reputed for.


Surinder Mehta

Our collaboration with Diamond Airborne Sensing also allows us to address various surveillance & mapping needs through the Multi Purpose Platform specially designed to carry multi-functional aerial sensor equipment. Capable of long all-weather operations without re-fuelling; its astonishingly low fuel consumption and its unique capability to fly on Jet A1 ATF fuel allows the MPP to cut the surveillance costs by nearly half. Using cameras & infrared technologies, the multi-feature MPP can also be used for 3D city mapping by simply flying over the zone.

This range of offerings finds itself ideally suited to needs as diverse as Intelligence gathering, Reconnaissance, Border management, Law enforcement, Geocentric Data Acquisition, Infrastructure monitoring, Environmental surveillance, Security management etc. PCI brings to India, Diamond Aircraft’s DA 42NG – The world’s most technologically advanced twin This follows the tremendous success Diamond Aircraft now enjoys in the Indian market.


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