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To PRIME GROUP, blending its objectives with the needs of the nation is more than the cornerstone of its philosophy. The GROUP's latest foray into power generation by way setting up its wind farm in the state of Gujarat to begin to begin with, is ample testimony to the values held by the GROUP.

At the outset, the wind farm with wind turbines procured from Suzlon offers 4.5 MW generation capacity. The advanced 1.5 MW wind turbines chosen, delver high performance in the low to medium wind regime prevalent in the country and incorporate advanced features like Micro Patch technology among many these turbines generate high-quality grid-friendly power with negligible harmonics with a high degree of reliability.

The Group has earmarked this sector as a clear growth area for the Company in the years ahead.

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Cogeneration Division

Rising global concern about the environment has led to the need for energy solutions that not just reduces our dependence on fossil fuels while also lowering theCO2 emissions. Mindful of this urgent need, PCI Limited, in technical collaboration with SES Energiesysteme GmbH of Germany, brings to India the unique power generation system with cogeneration planets.

Clearly labeled as the future of energy generation, these technologically efficient cogeneration plants optimize the use of fossil fuels and lower CO2 emissions. Equipped with gas engines, these CHP plants utilize renewable energies and renewable agricultural products, making them environmentally friendly and providing users the distinct advantage of reducing losses as generated from the tradional grid supply. Through a very low consumption of primary fuels, the CHP plants generate heat which is first converted to mechanical energy and thereby into electrical power with the use of a generator. Heat produced in conversion too is utilized for heating purpose or as process steam for manufacturing. The CHP plants can further be adapted to use alternative fuels viz., biogas, liquid vegetable oils and ethanol which could further lower the green house gas emissions.

The entire plant comes as a containerized unit housing the complete heat & power transfer system that allows for ease of maintenance access. The collaboration with SES allows the company to design, develop and build complete CHP plants for on-grid and off-grid backup use as well as specialized container plants for sewage gas, biogas, municipal utility and industry use. The CHP plants come with a complete service package including turnkey installation and maintenance.

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